UBCGrades Update 2021

It's grades release time at UBC and appropriately ubcgrades.com will get an update. You may need to clear your cache for changes to appear.


  • Grades updated from 2016S to 2020W (inclusive).
  • Stateful navigation of the website. Back/forth updates the site appropriately (@lcfyi)
  • Addition of sharable URLs. Copy from the URL bar to share with friends! (@lcfyi)
  • Changing a dropdown at a higher level in the hierarchy no longer automatically clears lower hierarchy items. Instead, it attempts to retrieve the new change and clears the dropdowns if the requested section does not exist. (@lcfyi)
  • Grade 2016S to 2020W (inclusive) for some reason have less privacy than previous releases from PAIR. Some grade entries are extrapolated where possible.
  • Fixed an issue where dropdown won't appear on Statistics by Course
  • Fixed an issue where API returns incorrect error message upon improper yearsession input
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements™.

Huge shoutout to lcfyi for huge quality of life improvements and for being able to read my spaghetti code (?).

I'm sure there are more bugs elsewhere and enhancements that can improve the site. If you have any ideas, please head on over to the Github and create an issue.

See you in the fall for the 2021S update!

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