Top 5 UBC Course Outliers During Pandemic

1 year ago

COURSE AVERAGES TO THE MOON! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀. The pandemic was rough in many areas in different ways, but there are some courses at UBC that were hit hard (or skyrocketed), and this short investigation aims to find them. That's enough preamble, here are the results:




These charts...


UBCGrades Update 2021

2 years ago

It's grades release time at UBC and appropriately will get an update. You may need to clear your cache for changes to appear.


  • Grades updated from 2016S to 2020W (inclusive).
  • Stateful navigation of the website. Back/forth updates the site appropriately (@lcfyi)
  • Ad...


UBCGrades v2: Electric Boogaloo

2 years ago is getting a new update after a long period of inactivity!

Summary (aka TL;DR):

  • Updated user interface.
  • Grade data updated to include 2019S, 2019W, and 2020S.
  • Grade data now includes both Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.
  • API moved to new endpoints with support for new and...


Formula Sheets for some UBC Engineering courses

4 years ago

After the use of a formula sheet for MATH 217 Multivariable and Vector Calculus to help me review and study, I decided to expand this for some other courses. They've helped me throughout the semester as quick references to formulas when I couldn't remember it on the spot.

Not all courses allowing...


Fourier Transform of a Generic Gaussian

4 years ago

The following computation was done out of an exercise from ELEC 221 Signals and Systems. The method does require some trickery to compute, but once it's done, we have a stunning result: the Fourier Transform of a Gaussian is another Gaussian!

Result: The Fourier Transform of the Gaussian \(f(t) =...