Simple Landline Phone

Since the early 1900s the telephone revolutionized the way information encircled the world. Through kilometers of copper and radio, the voice of one person was easily perceived as if they were sitting right next to the caller. The culmination of a century of advancements has made the landline phone so compact and simple to construct that it would fit in a small device such as the one below. IMAG0479 This phone was a project in one of my highschool Electronics class. As one of my first soldering projects, the melting of metal to fuse two components was uniquely and oddly satisfying. The fumes didn't help, but the manual from which I learned to construct this phone was helpful. A combination of electrical components worked together so I could call my mother at the end of the project.

I am unsure where one might want to pick up such a kit, but should not be too hard to find. IMAG0480

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